Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Angler Management

I was raised by a PhD research scientist, and I can tell you firsthand that he viewed liberal arts majors as ethereal slacker stoners with no real understanding of how the world works, let alone how to turn on a Bunsen burner or create penicillin in a petri dish (when I was a child, my dad once gave me some penicillin that he personally created -- I can't even make a Manhattan without consulting the Internet). One way that we've figured out how to make ourselves feel, well, more scientific, is to inject science into art -- specifically, the art of fly fishing.

-- Angler Management: The Day I Died While Fly Fishing and Other Essays by Jack Ohman.

This is the perfect book to get for any fisherman dad for Father's Day! I may get it for my dad, even though he hasn't fished since he bought me a Popeil Pocket Fisherman for my eighth birthday and helped me catch bluegill using hot dogs for bait.

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  1. What a great teaser. That does sound like a great book for a dad. Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods today. I love the Langston Hughes poem, too. Short and powerful

  2. Sounds like fun. The book, I mean - not the fishing. My husband keeps trying to convince me that fishing can be fun, but it just seems like cruel punishment for the fish and me, both! Love the teaser, though!

    My teaser: Whiter Than Snow

  3. What a lovely and timely teaser. The book title is brilliant. My TT: http://www.rundpinne.com/2010/06/teaser-tuesdays-heart-of-lies.html

  4. Oh, excellent. What fun.

    My teaser is here:


  5. K. Harrington -- Glad I found your blog1 I really like it and I love the name!

    Joy -- I'm with you! My few adult attempts at fishing have not been enjoyable for me, the fish, or the husband. Thanks for leaving your link.

    Jennifer -- The title is good, but not as great another of his: Fear of Fly Fishing. My favorite.

    LKT -- Thanks for visiting! And for leaving your link.

  6. One of my most memorable birthdays was fishing with my dad the day I turned 9. He bought me my own pole. I think my dad caught more but I caught the biggest.

    Years ago I gave my husband one of Jack's books as a gift and Jack personally drew a cartoon of him in the front. In the cartoon, my husband has big glasses and a jaunty hat and he's typing at a computer with his tongue sticking out just a bit.

    My mom asked me to track down a golf book by Jack as a gift for a friend and when I couldn't find it, I asked him. He said it's because he hadn't created one yet. So he did a few years later and I got a copy with a nice personalized cartoon inscription for my mom.

  7. Sounds like a clever writer. Nice tease. Nice tease. Here's mine

  8. What a terrific teaser; hope the rest of the book is as addictive.

  9. You just won an award on my blog! Come check it out here:


    aka Crazy Cat Lady

  10. Laura -- Those are great anecdotes about Jack! I want to see the cartoons at book club.

    BBD -- He is clever. And the book also has cartoons, which are quite funny. Thanks for leaving the link.

    Diane -- It is a very enjoyable book. It would probably be funnier to a fisherman, but I like it anyway.

    Susan -- Thanks! I'll come over right now.


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