Thursday, May 28, 2020

Book Beginning: The Narcissism of Small Things by Michael Zadoorian

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"Are we weird?"
Joe closed his eyes and quietly sighed. Not another on of these conversations.

The Narcissism of Small Things by Michael Zadoorian, new from Akashic Books.

I don't usually include more than the very first sentence, but I like the way this beginning rolls out.

Everything about this book appeals to me. I love the juicy cover, the retro font, the indecipherable title that is so fun to say. And mostly I am curious to read the story about an aging hipster and his long-term girlfriend in Detroit in 2009.

The jacket copy describes the book like this:

Joe Keen and Ana Urbanek have been a couple for a long time, with all the requisite lulls and temptations, yet they remain unmarried and without children, contrary to their Midwestern values (and parents' wishes). Now on the cusp of forty, they are both working at jobs that they're not even sure they believe in anymore, but with significantly varying returns. Ana is successful, Joe is floundering--both in limbo, caught somewhere between mainstream and alternative culture, sincerity and irony, achievement and arrested development.
What do you think? Does The Narcissism of Small Differences appeal to you?


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Incredulous, Ana looked at her. "What? You know what I'm going to say?"

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