Saturday, January 5, 2019

2019 CHALLENGE: Back to the Classics

Back to the Classics

I’ve been hit or miss with the Back to the Classics Challenge, hosted by Books and Chocolate. It’s a challenge I enjoy, but I often fail to sign up in time.

The idea is to read six, nine, or 12 books published more than 50 years ago, one from each of a list of categories. Other than being more than 50 years old, Karen does not strictly define a “classic” book.

I’m signing up at the six-book level, but hope to read more. I’m going to cross over several books with the European Reading Challenge that I host here on Rose City Reader.

(no books read yet)

  • 19th Century Classic:
  • 20th Century Classic:
  • Classic by a Woman Author:
  • Classic in Translation:
  • Classic Comic Novel: 
  • Classic Tragic Novel:
  • Very Long Classic (over 500 pages):
  • Classic Novella:
  • Classic from the Americas (includes the Caribbean):
  • Classic from Africa, Asia, or Oceania (includes Australia):
  • Classic from a Place You’ve Lived:
  • Classic Play:


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