Friday, July 13, 2012

Book Beginning: The Angels' Share

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My Book Beginning is from a great debut novel called The Angels' Share.

Thanks to intrepid book publicist Mary Bisbee-Beek, I have THREE advanced copies to giveaway.  The details and sign up page are here. The giveaway ends this Sunday, July 15, at 9:00 pm Pacific Time. 

At first, I thought I was alone. I woke face down in the gravel to rivets of pain when I tried to blink or move or take more than a tiny sip of air.

The Angel's Share by Rayme Waters, published by Winter Goose Publishing.

GIST: The story of a recovering meth addict who rebuilds her life working for a small Sonoma County winery. With elements of both a love story and a mystery, The Angels’ Share is a great read for book clubs.

Diane Johnson, author of Le Divorce, says it "will completely absorb you.”

Meg Waite Clayton, author of The Wednesday Sisters, calls it a "compassionate debut novel" and says, "Set in the quiet luxury of Nob Hill, the counterculture of Bolinas, and the evocative wine country of Sonoma, Angels' Share is as tasty as the 1919 Primitivo [the heroine] drinks on this journey of recovery.”

PUBLISHER'S DESCRIPTION: Born into a tumultuous world of neglectful bohemian parents and an overbearing grandmother, Cinnamon Monday lives through an imagination inspired by the nineteenth-century heroines she admires. As she grows older, and her make-believe worlds are not enough to protect her, she descends into drug addiction and eventual resignation. When this finally leads her to be physically beaten near the point of death, she is saved by a compassionate neighbor named Sam who gives Cinnamon the opportunity to reclaim her life. Now, working at Sam’s vineyard in the beautiful Dry Creek Valley, Cinnamon Monday attempts to put her life in order, find the will to overcome past demons, and utilize her strengths to live a positive, successful life on her own terms.

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