Friday, January 6, 2023

Kate Atkinson Bibliography -- BOOK LIST


I came to love Kate Atkinson (b. 1951) because of her Jackson Brodie mystery series, which I gobbled up and hope she continues writing. But I enjoy all of her books. She is a wide-ranging and talented English author, who has won many awards and honors for her work. For instance, she was awarded an MBE in the 2011 Queen’s Birthday Honours List, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. I look forward to reading all of her books and rereading the Brodie books.

Here is a list of Kate Atkinson's books, from most recent to oldest, with notes about whether I've read the book, it is on my TBR shelf, or it is available as an audiobook from my library.

Are you a Kate Atkinson fan? What are your favorites?

2022 Shrines of Gaiety AUDIOBOOK
2019 Big Sky (Jackson Brodie) FINISHED
2018 Transcription TBR SHELF
2015 A God in Ruins (Todd Family) FINISHED
2013 Life After Life (Todd Family) FINISHED
2010 Started Early, Took My Dog (Brodie) (reviewed hereFINISHED
2008 When Will There Be Good News? (Brodie) FINISHED
2006 One Good Turn (Brodie) FINISHED
2004 Case Histories (Brodie) FINISHED
2002 Not the End of the World (short stories) TBR SHELF
2000 Emotionally Weird TBR SHELF
2000 Abandonment (play) TBR SHELF
1997 Human Croquet TBR SHELF


I hope to read Transcription this year (2023). It sounds like a terrific yarn about a former WWII espionage agent whose wartime spy work is coming back to haunt her in the Cold War years. 

The first Kate Atkinson book I read was Behind the Scenes at the Museum, which I read because I'm working my way through the winners of the Costa Book of the Year Award. But after that, I dove into the Jackson Brodie books, have tried to keep up with her new releases, and have never gone back to her earlier books. They all look very good, so I want to make an effort. Of course, I say that about so many of the authors whose books are languishing on my TBR shelves! 

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