Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend Cooking: The Last Weekend

Now that I will be without them for the next four months, I cling to my cookbooks. The big kitchen remodel starts Monday, and the books are all going in boxes today. But I delay their banishment, flipping through pages and contemplating recipes.

There's nothing wrong with our current kitchen. It is big enough (just) and serviceable. It is just shabby and tired and its little inconveniences annoy us – like exhaust fan install backwards so it blows into the room instead of sucking the air out. And it is dark, with only two little windows and prime window space hidden behind a mudroom and an inconveniently located powder room.

It is all going away on Monday. The demolition crew shows up bright and early, no doubt as I am brewing my last pot of tea in the old kitchen. We'll be camping out in the dining room for the months to come with a refrigerator and a microwave, but no running water.

And when we move into the new kitchen this summer my favorite new feature will be double the book shelf space so all my cookbook collection can be right there with me.


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