Saturday, August 25, 2018

Weekend Miscellany: Cocktails and Books

We kicked off the weekend last evening with a home date. Cocktails and snacks and a long-awaited break from the hot weather. We had our favorite "house cocktail" --  tequila martinis, served “club style” this time.

Now after a Saturday morning trip to the farmers market, I'm settling in for an afternoon with a good book before my neighborhood block party.

I’m reading Persian Nights by Diane Johnson and enjoying it very much. Published in 1987, it is set in 1978 Iran, right before the overthrow of the Shah. The main character is the American wife of a supposed-to-be-visiting doctor who goes on to Iran without him when an emergency keeps him in California.

With all the world history that has passed since, I can’t imagine the story being written the same way now.

Any other Diane Johnson fans? I loved her three France books, Le Divorce, Le Mariage, and L'Affaire. Have you read this one? What’s your favorite?

Great weekend!

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