Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Lists Coming Soon . . . Well, Eventually . . .

J.G. from Hotch Pot Cafe recently commented on the conspicuous absence of The Orange Prize winners from my list of Must Read lists. It's not that I have anything against The Orange Prize (well, actually, I kind of do -- prizes based on gender or race rub me the wrong way because they imply, to me, an inability to compete in an open field -- but that is a discussion for another day), it is just that I have not yet posted all of my lists. Over on Lists of Bests, I am keeping track of 91 book lists -- including Orange Prize Winners -- and have completed nine. These are prize winners, recommended reading, and favorite author bibliographies. So far, I only have 14 lists posted here. Another one will be up tomorrow. My hope is to get them all up eventually, but that will take some time. And I would welcome suggestions. Just leave a comment with your favorite Must Read list. Chances are the list is already on my radar, but you never know. In the meantime, you can track J.G.'s Orange Prize progress here.

Opening Sentence of the Day: The Letter From Death

"To Those It May Concern,
That should leave none of you out." - The Letter From Death by Lillian Moats. According to the forward by Howard Zinn, "Moats uses death not as a threat, but as a prism through which to examine the most profound questions that confront the human race today." We'll see.

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