Thursday, April 16, 2009

Author of the Day: Anne Tyler

Anne Tyler is the author of 18 novels, most of which are set in Baltimore. Tyler was born in Minneapolis in 1941 and still lives in Baltimore. She won a Pulitzer Prize for Breathing Lessons, but is probably best known for The Accidental Tourist because it was made into a major film with William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, and Geena Davis.

I came late to Tyler’s novels, after randomly grabbing the audio version of Digging to America off the library shelf. I was hooked immediately. Her stories are about real people and, while not rip-roaring exciting, are completely engaging – like finding out that your neighbors’ ordinary lives are really very interesting.

Those I have read are in red. Those on my TBR shelf are in blue. I plan to read all of her books eventually.

If Morning Ever Comes

The Tin Can Tree

A Slipping-Down Life

The Clock Winder

Celestial Navigation

Searching for Caleb

Earthly Possessions

Morgan's Passing

Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

The Accidental Tourist

Breathing Lessons (reviewed here; Pulitzer Prize)

Saint Maybe

Ladder of Years

A Patchwork Planet

The Amateur Marriage

Back When We Were Grownups

Digging to America

Noah’s Compass

The Beginner's Goodbye


(If you have reviewed any of Anne Tyler's books and would like your review listed here, please leave a comment with a link and I will add it.)


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Book Blogger Retreat

Trish at Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin'? is organizing a "Book Blogger Retreat" for July 18 - 19. This sounded like a lot of fun to me, and when she proposed meeting here in the Rose City, I jumped right on her bandwagon. Details are available here. It sounds like it is going to be a low-key but enjoyable weekend spent visiting Powell's (the City of Books), poking around Portland, and getting to know fellow book bloggers. If you are interested, please visit H.L.W.R. and leave a comment for Trish.

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