Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review: She's Come Undone

I put off reading Wally Lamb’s hefty novel She’s Come Undone, because I knew it is about a young girl who became fat, and I could not imagine reading 500-plus pages about being fat. But I should have known that Lamb could spin a great tale and just put myself in his capable hands.

So much happens in Dolores Price’s young life that her weight gain (and loss) is just a small part of this crowded story. Without giving anything away, Dolores survives family loss, endures trauma, makes mistakes, repeats mistakes, and finally builds a life that works for her.

The glory of Lamb’s story is that he makes it absolutely believable, no matter how awful or statistically improbable. From Dolores as a little kid riding her bike through her neighborhood; through her depressingly difficult teen years, her recovery, and her rash first marriage; to her ultimate contentment with the life she creates, Dolores is an authentic and endearing heroine.


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She's Come Undone counts as the first chunkster I read for the 2013 Chunkster Challenge, and counts for one of my books for the three TBR challenges I am doing this year.

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