Monday, September 23, 2019

Mailbox Monday: Three New Books by Women Writers

What books came into your house last week? I got three new books, one that is out already and two that will launch in the next weeks:

Birds of Wonder cover

Birds of Wonder by Cynthia Robinson. This debut novel is a murder mystery and complex family story set in upstate New York. It starts when a teacher discovers the body of her dead student and calls the police to solve the crime -- the police detective being her own daughter. It looks amazing!

A Place in the World cover

A Place in the World by Amy Maroney. This is the last book in Maroney's Miramonde series of historical novels about a female artist in the 1500s and the modern art historian tracking her down. The book launches on September 26.

The Miramonde series starts with The Girl from Oto, continues with Mira's Way, includes a preqel novella called The Promise, and concludes with A Place in the World.

Read my interview with Amy Maroney about her series, female artists, and what drew her to historical fiction.

This Particular Happiness cover

This Particular Happiness: A Childless Love Story by Jackie Shannon Hollis, a new memoir will be available October 1 from Forest Avenue Press, by a woman who made the complicated decision not to have children when she married a man who did not want kids.

For those in the Portland area, the official book launch for This Particular Happiness is October 4, 2019 at Powell's City of Books from 7:30 - 9:00 pm. Laura Stanfill, the delightful and inspiring leader of Forest Avenue Press, will be on hand to introduce Jackie and her book.

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