Monday, April 14, 2008

Author of the Day: Lee Child

Jack Reacher is a prototypical hero. He is big and strong and smart and he drifts around solving unsolvable problems. He doesn't need anything besides his folding toothbrush and a little folding money. (Confronted with the reality of our post-9/11 world, Reacher actually started carrying a passport and an ATM card in later books -- a stumbling block for loyal readers.) He can calculate the trajectory of a bullet. He can kill a man with his thumb. He's cool.

I have read all but the latest of Lee Child's Jack Reacher books.

The books in publication order are:

Killing Floor
Die Trying
Running Blind
Echo Burning
Without Fail
The Enemy
One Shot
The Hard Way
Bad Luck and Trouble
Nothing to Lose
Gone Tomorrow
61 Hours
Worth Dying For (reviewed here)
The Affair

Last updated April 19, 2012.

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Kay said...

My husband loves these books. He has the new one in paperback ready for his next out-of-state trip and a good plane read. I keep meaning to read one but I think that he will probably remain the Lee Child fan in our family. LOL

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