Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: The Losing Role

"Espinoza and a crowd of prisoners were waiting for Max, Zoock, Felix, and Braun in front of Barrack 13.  On the front steps were a bundle of baseball bats, a bucket of balls, and a duffel bag."

-- The Losing Role by Steve Anderson.  
Uh-oh.  Will the Germans pass a baseball test? This is a WWII espionage story from the German point of view -- an intriguing idea.
I am halfway through and enjoying this very much. English-speaking Germans are recruited for a secret mission behind American lines. It's exciting and funny and very interesting. 
Anderson has a great ear for the dialog, subtly distinguishing between Germans with varying levels of fluency in English -- from those who have mastered American slang, to the hero who is fluent but too formal, to those who get it all wrong. 
See my interview of the author here
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