Saturday, December 3, 2016

22 Days to Christmas!

2016 CHALLENGE: Vintage Mystery Challenge, Wrap Up Post


I finished nine books for this challenge. This is my wrap up post. My nine books are listed below and the nine items I found for the scavenger hunt are checked off on this card:

One of my all-time favorite challenges is the Vintage Mystery Challenge hosted by Bev at My Reader's Block. I did the Silver Version again this year, which involves reading mystery books published between 1960 - 1989.

The Scavenger Hunt involves finding as many items on the list above in the covers of the books read.


A New Lease of Death by Ruth Rendell (1967; Inspector Wexford #2; Just One Person)

Payment in Blood by Elizabeth George (1989; Inspector Lynley #2; Bloodstains)

Death and the Joyful Woman by Ellis Peters (1961; Inspector Felse #2; Edgar Award Winner; A Blonde)

Billingsgate Shoal by Rick Boyer ((1982; Doc Adams #1; Edgar Award Winner; a boat, although it's hard to see)

Don't Point That Thing At Me by Kyril Bonfiglioli (1972; Mortdecai Trilogy #1; a bottle for drinking)

After You with the Pistol by Kyril Bonfiglioli (1979; Mortdecai Trilogy #2; a hand holding a weapon)

Something Nasty in the Woodshed by Kyril Bonfiglioli (1976; Mortdecai Trilogy #3; the moon)

Missing Person by Patrick Modiano (1978; Nobel Laureate; shadowy figure)

Devices & Desires by P. D. James (1989; Adam Dalgliesh #8; a knife)

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