Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update of the Day: Followers

I finally figured out how to add the little gadget to show who follows my blog. Since I really do appreciate the people who now only read this blog but took the time to become an official "follower," I added the gadget over on the right-hand side. Thanks followers!

List of the Day: Portland Bookstores

Gabe at Reading Local has compiled a list of Portland area bookstores, complete with links to their websites. This is a terrific resource for local Portland readers as well as visiting bibliophiles. It is also expandable, as Gabe will add a missing bookstore if you leave a comment for him. Thanks Gabe!

What a Lovely Award!

I am tickled that Rebecca at Lost in Books gave me this One Lovely Blog Award. Pretty exciting for someone whose visual art talent doesn't get much past color coordination. Thanks Rebecca!

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