Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Challenge Progress: The Sunshine Smackdown -- Battle of the Prizes

We have a couple of reviews to add to the Battle of the Prizes Challenge list. First, Caitlin at Chaotic Compendiums posted her review of Pulitzer winner Empire Falls by Richard Russo. Caitlin has now finished her National winner (Sophie's Choice, which she reviewed here) and her Pulitzer winner. She only has her "double dipper" to go and she will be the first to complete the challenge. Second, I finished my Pulitzer choice, Advise and Consent by Allen Drury. My review is posted here. Finally, as a little extra, I also reviewed March, the 2006 Pulitzer winner by Geraldine Brooks. That review is here.

Internet Review of Books

The June issue of the Internet Review of Books is up now. It is chock-o-block full of great reviews -- non-fiction and fiction -- plus a lively essay on how to get kids to read during their summer vacation. I am very pleased that IRB included my review of Basil's Dream by Christine Hale. The IRB version is longer than the version I posted here on Rose City Reader. Please browse the June issue. It really is good. And, for those interested, the IRB is looking for new reviewers.

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