Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kitchen Remodel, Week 15: Nothing Doing

Progress on our kitchen remodel was infinitesimal this week. We got doorknobs on the powder room and basement doors -- big whoop. We got screens on the windows that are to have screens, but they are all but invisible, so don't show in photographs.

The holdup is still the tile. The white subway tile for the backsplash is 2 x 6 instead of 3 x 6, so had to be special ordered. We finally gave up on the California company that was supposed to send the tile three weeks ago. We've ordered replacement tile from our local Pratt & Larson, which we should have done from the get-go.

So it will still be two weeks before the tile gets here, and another week or two to get it all installed. It's looking like our kitchen will be done mid-July, not mid-June as originally forecast.

At least the weather here in the Rose City is beautiful for Rose Festival. Being able to grill outside and eat dinner on the porch makes us forget we are still operating out of our "camp kitchen" in the dining room.


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