Monday, December 6, 2010

Mailbox Monday

Lady Q at Let Them Read Books is the December host of Mailbox Monday.

Just when I was despairing of having no books to list in Mailbox Monday, I got a surprise present from my wonderful husband. He got me a present for becoming an equity partner at my law firm, O'Donnell Clark & Crew (and yes, Steve Crew is a person, "Crew" is not a hip designation for the other lawyers in the firm).

Hubby is really, really good about giving me book sets as gifts.  These are sets that I would not get for myself.  He doesn't mind going back to the same well, and has found me terrific sets of Dickens, Hawthorne, and Twain.

This time around, it is a small but lovely set of P. G. Wodehouse "Autograph Editions."  No, they are not really autographed by my favorite comic author.  But they are beautifully bound editions of some wonderful, very entertaining books.  I can't wait to read and re-read them.

19 Days to Christmas

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