Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review: Wrong Highway by Wendy Gordon

Wendy Gordon's debut novel, Wrong Highway, gives fresh energy to the story of a frazzled suburban mom trying to meet her family obligations and what happens when she takes that first wrong turn.

Erica and Debbie are sisters, both married and living seemingly calm family lives on Long Island. But when Debbie’s teenage son rebels against his straight-laced parents and turns to Erica for help, Erica is the one who ends up in trouble.

The book takes place in 1980s and has a strong ‘80s vibe, with music and cultural references that capture the brash, sometimes destructive energy of the decade. While many of the themes of the story are timeless, the pre-digital setting gives Gordon room to explore themes of family obligation, personal freedom, addiction, and secrecy without technical interruptions from today’s text messages and social media.

Whether or not you grew up in the ‘80s, if you enjoy family dramas with well-developed, original female characters, you will like Wrong Highway.


Read my author interview with Wendy Gordon here.


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