Thursday, August 26, 2021

Rizzio, New Historical Fiction Novella by Denise Mina -- BOOK BEGINNINGS


What are your thoughts on novellas? 

I say yes! Unlike short stories, I like novellas. I am not drawn to short stories. When I go to pick a book off my TBR shelf, I almost always pick a novel over a short story collection. I read short stories to finish a list -- like if I am trying to read all the books by a favorite author or if the book won a prize. 

But novellas are fun. They offer the story arc of a novel but the quick satisfaction of a short story. What do you think?

So I was excited to see that one of my favorite mystery authors just wrote a historical mystery novella. Rizzio by Denise Mina comes out September 7 from Pegasus Books. And I am extra excited to get an early copy to share on Book Beginnings on Fridays. 

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From Rizzio:

Lord Ruthven wanted him killed during this tennis match but Darnley said no.

-- from Chapter One, "David Rizzio Plays Tennis with His Assassins."

David Rizzio was the private secretary to Mary, Queen of Scots. Mina's new book tells the exciting and gruesome tale of his bloody assassination in 1566, a story of sex, secrets, power, and palace intrigue.


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From Rizzio:
Darnley is giving too much detail, a sure sign of a false story, and all to subordinate. This makes Preston wonder if he's being fobbed off, but what can he do? Darnley is married to the Queen.
Rizzio is a fast and exciting read -- a sure winner for any historical fiction fan.

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