Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review: The Difficult Sister by Judy Nedry

The Difficult Sister is not the cozy you might suspect, given that it involves two fifty-something women on a road trip to the Oregon Coast. This second mystery by Judy Nedry is darker and edgier than its description suggests.

Emma Golden is a freelance writer with a penchant for adventure. After stumbling into a wine country murder in An Unholy Alliance, Emma is back in Portland and back on the wagon, ready to snuggle in for a quiet winter. But when her best friend comes to her, distraught over not hearing from her sister Aurora in weeks, Emma is game to leave a cold and soggy Portland, jump into Melody’s Mini Cooper, and head to the beach.

What they find is a coastal community divided between rich part-time residents and tourists and the year-round locals struggling to make a living or dropping off the grid. They soon realized that Aurora’s disappearance can’t be attributed to whim or her restless spirit. Something much more terrifying is going on and Aurora isn’t the only woman missing from her sleepy little beach town.


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Judy Nedry is the author of two nonfiction books about Northwest wine and co-founded Northwest Palate magazine. The Emma Golden books are her first works of fiction.

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