We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet
For books of auld lang syne . . . 

I've kept a running list of the books I've read since 2004. I typically read 100 to 110 books a year, about half with my eyes and half with my ears. 
My rating system is a thing its own and ever evolving. I used to reserve five stars for classic books or very, very few all-time favorites. Here is a link to the star rating system I used for years, but I'm now  moving away from this system. In 2019, I started being freer with stars, but my system was still my own.

In 2020, I switched from stars to rating books with roses, since this is Rose City Reader. Because of the oddball way I rate books, I often rate a book four stars here but five stars on goodreads and amazon. So I decided to use roses here and at least make them look different. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

The links below go to posts listing the books I read each year, in the order I read them, with my rating for each book. The lists include links to related posts, like books reviews, author interviews, author bibliographies, prize lists, or related "must read" lists.

I started keeping the list in a pretty spiral notebook. But I switched to LibraryThing when that came around in 2006 because I can use it to track all sorts of book data in addition to books read. I love the searchable spreadsheet format of LibraryThing. You can choose what information to put on your spreadsheet, so in addition to titles, authors, and dates read, I can keep track of cover images, page numbers, publication dates, my own tags, and a dozen or more other categories.

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