Every year, I keep a running list of the books I've read. I usually read 100 to 110 books a year, although I try not to make myself crazy over it and there have been a couple of years I didn't make it to 100.

Starting in 2019, I've tried to be less stingy about giving five stars. I used to reserve five for classics or a very few all-time favorites. Here is a link to the star rating system I used for years, but I'm now  moving away from.

In 2019, I started giving five stars for books I really enjoyed and would recommend generally; four for books I liked and would recommend to people who enjoy that type of book; three if I was lukewarm on it or if liked it personally, but wouldn't think of recommending it; two if I didn't like it; and one if I really didn't like it.

The links listed below go to posts listing the books I read each year, in the order I read them, with my star rating for each book. Some also include a link to a related post, like my review of the book, interview with the author, bibliography of the author, or post about a prize the book won.

I use LibraryThing to keep track of the books I read and the books still on my TBR shelves. I've been on LibraryThing since 2006 and love it. I'm on goodreads too, but I love the adaptable spreadsheet format of LibraryThing that lets me keep track of books by title, author, date read, my own tags, and a dozen or more other categories.

I used to keep a list in a pretty spiral notebook, and loved the nostalgia of keeping a paper list. But it wasn't a practical method of finding a particular book fast. The online spreadsheet lets me search for anything so quickly. Like all the books still left on my TBR shelves!

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