Wednesday, January 21, 2015

List: The Oregon Book Award for Fiction

The Oregon Book Awards and Fellowships honor the state’s finest accomplishments by Oregon writers who work in genres of poetry, fiction, drama, literary nonfiction, and literature for young readers. In addition to financial support, the program produces the Oregon Book Awards Author Tour, which connects writers and readers throughout the state with readings, classroom visits, and workshops.

I hope to read the winners of the Fiction Award. Although so far, only Jump Off Creek is even waiting for me on my TBR shelf!

2015 Cari Luna, The Revolution of Every Day

2014 Ursula K. Le Guin, The Unreal and The Real: Collected Stories

2013 Ismet Prcic, Shards

2012 Patrick deWitt, The Sisters Brothers

2011 Willy Vlautin, Lean on Pete

2009/2010 Jon Raymond, Livability: Stories

2008 Ehud Havazelet, Bearing the Body

2007 Alison Clement,Twenty Questions

2006 Justin Tussing, The Best People in the World

2005 Marc Acito, How I Paid for College

2004 Tracy Daugherty, Axeman’s Jazz

2003 Cai Emmons, His Mother’s Son

2002 Gina Ochsner, The Necessary Grace to Fall

2001 Molly Best Tinsley, Throwing Knives

2000 Craig Lesley, Storm Riders

1999 Ehud Havazelet, Like Never Before

1998 Peter Ho Davies, The Ugliest House in the World

1997 Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

1996 Tracy Daugherty, What Falls Away

1995 Chang-rae Lee, Native Speaker

1994 Diana Abu-Jaber, Arabian Jazz

1993 Diane Simmons, Dreams Like Thunder

1992 Ursula Le Guin, Searoad

1991 (no award)

1990 Molly Gloss, The Jump-off Creek

1989 Hob Broun, Cardinal Numbers

1988 Todd Grimson, Within Normal Limits

1987 Russell Working, Resurrectionists


Updated July 16, 2016.

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