Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Even If I Am

Knowing my pleasure in reading your emails, and writing my own, I wondered if we could ‘keep it simple.’ . . . Only three days and I was falling. Falling hard.

-- Even If I Am by Chasity Glass

GIVEAWAY: Sign up here for a chance to win one of three copies of Even If I Am.  Winners will have the choice of a paper ARC or the enhanced e-book version. 

At the tail end of a five-year relationship, Chasity thought she knew what love was – until she meets Anthony, the handsome video editor she works with in a busy Hollywood office. Sparks fly as the two quickly become flirty co-workers, sneaking in numerous e-mails, phone calls, and lunch breaks together.

As their bond grows, we follow their blossoming relationship through heartfelt e-mailed conversations. Soon, they are writing six to ten e-mails a day to each other. They write back and forth about everything and anything, getting to know each other and hiding nothing about themselves. One e-mail leading to the next the two fall in love.

Then just as love begins, Anthony is diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

The story is more than a memoir. It is a conversation between Anthony and Chasity against the backdrop of his diagnosis. even if i am. includes personal e-mails, blog posts, audio interviews, images, and music about their tenderhearted, often humorous, yet always emotional year together.

What began, as a genuine friendship became the love story of their lives.

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