Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: Strangers and Brothers

With success behind him, George remarked more often about a partnership "being not too far away."  For the first time, he showed some impatience about his oewn future: but he was no longer worried over Martineau.
-- Strangers and Brothers by C. P. Snow.

I am sucked into this story about a progressive young lawyer forging his career.  Even though the book was written in 1940 and set in 1928 in England, his work as a new lawyer in a small firm sounds so much like what my lawyer friends and I all went through. The long hours, case panic, difficult partners -- it's all the same!

This is the first book in Snow's 11-volume "Strangers and Brother's" series.  This volume is now published under the title George Passant, but I have an older edition with the Strangers and Brothers title. 
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