Monday, December 18, 2023

Christmas Books


One Christmas tradition I have — and I don’t think I’m alone in this — is to plan at least 100 Christmassy things I want to do in December and then abandon at least 80 of them when reality sets in. Prewrap the gifts with gorgeous ribbons and coordinating gift tags becomes shove everything into gift bags and write the name on the bottom with a sharpie. Bake all my own cookies and pies becomes buying shortbread and an almond ring from my favorite bakery and begging Hubby to make a gingerbread cake.

You get the idea!

One of my dream plans every year is to spend December in a cleaned and decorated house, in front of a fully decorated tree, a fire going in the fireplace, a warm adult beverage to hand, reading nothing but Christmas books. And then November fades away and I still have a dozen or so books I planned to read this year demanding attention. My list of Christmas books get set aside to “next year” like always.

I’m sticking with this tradition for Christmas 2024! 

This month, I seem to be reading a lot of mysteries. I am also finishing my last three book for the TBR 23 in '23 Challenge. By happenstance, the one I am reading now, Lord Peter: The Complete Lord Peter Wimsey Stories by Dorothy L. Sayers, has two stories in it set at Christmas. So I managed to get in at least a little holiday-themed reading. 

Also, this year I gathered the Christmas books I could find around the house into a stack for inspiration. I’m going to keep this stack on my bedroom table where I keep books I plan to read, like my TBR 24 in '24 books. That will remind me to get the others finished by the end of November so I can indulge my fantasy of reading these in December. I am particularly looking forward to that Nigel Slater Christmas book. I really love food books with a Christmas theme. 

See any here you’ve read or want to? Do you have any favorite Christmassy books? I'd like to get more books or at least make a list of possibilities here on the blog.

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