Saturday, December 28, 2019

2019 Challenge: COMPLETED - Back to the Classics

2019 Back to the Classics

I love the Back to the Classics Challenge hosted by Books and Chocolate, but I've been hit or miss with it over the years. The prompts are good and I enjoy participating, but I have failed several times to sign up in time. But I got on board in time for 2019 and I finished the six book I signed up to read!

The idea is to read six, nine, or 12 books published more than 50 years ago, one each from a list of categories. Other than being more than 50 years old, Karen at Books and Chocolate does not strictly define a “classic” book. However, she provides guidelines for each of her categories.

I signed up in 2019 at the six-book level, and ended up reading nine.


Karen offers a prize for those who complete the challenge and review the books they read. She does a drawing for the prize and participants get one entry if they complete six books, two entries for those who complete nine books, and three entries for those who complete 12 books.

I didn't review any of the books I read for this challenge -- I haven't had much time to review books lately! So I'm just happy to have read my nine books even though I don't qualify for the drawing. Like I said, I'm a little hit or miss with this one. Oh well. Book blogging is supposed to be fun!

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