Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Teaser Tuesday: My Father's Ledger by Mary Mills

“I would like to begin today by saying that I don’t have any expectations for either of you to make any kind of statement or apology to me. In fact, I would almost prefer that you didn’t try to say anything to appease me.”

-- My Father's Ledger: Sex Abuse by a Catholic Priest - A Family's Story of Grace Survival and Healing by Mary Mills, from Chapter One, "Grace: At the Table With the Priests."

Mary Mills' memoir tells the story of how her Catholic family was torn apart when their priest seduced the mother and later sexually abused her younger sister. But she goes further and explains how they were able to come together again as adults.

This book touches me personally because I was one of the attorneys who represented the sister in her claim against the Jesuits. The scene above is from the meeting between our client and the perpetrator priest and a representative from the Jesuits, which we negotiated as part of the resolution of her claim so she could speak her piece.

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  1. That's a difficult topic to read about. Probably not one for me.

    My TT from Second Hunger

  2. Well, it's definitely, interesting, I'll give you that. Hopefully, it's inspiring, with a happy ending. What a thing to go through, though. :(


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