Monday, October 2, 2017

Mailbox Monday: Brown Paper Press

I'm excited about these three books from Brown Paper Press! Two are essay collections, one is a memoir.

Burdens by Water: An Unintended Memoir by Alan Rifkin. A collection of essays about life in Southern California.

I'm Dyin' Here: A Life in the Paper by Tim Grobaty. In this collection of essays, the author contemplates life as a newspaper columnist, including the ideas that he might die at his job and that the newspaper industry is dying around him.

The Inheritance of Shame: A Memoir by Peter Gajdics. The author spent six years in a cult-like version of conversion therapy that attempted to “cure” him of his homosexuality.

A little backstory: My parents turned me on to Brown Paper Press. My folks have been good friends since the 1950s with the parents of founder Wendy Thomas Russell. When our parents were visiting this summer, they put it together that I have a book blog and Wendy is a book publisher, so they hooked us up. Good connection! I think the last time we saw each other, I was maybe in first grade and Wendy was in a stroller!

Thanks for joining me for Mailbox Monday, a weekly "show & tell" blog event where participants share the books they acquired the week before. Visit the Mailbox Monday website to find links to all the participants' posts and read more about Books that Caught our Eye.

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  1. I hope you enjoy your books.

    Burdens By Water looks interesting.

    ENJOY your books and your week.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

  2. How awful! The Inheritance of Shame: A Memoir by Peter Gajdics. Sounds heartbreaking.

    But intriguing, too!

    Have a good week.


  3. These sound interesting - especially The Inheritance of Shame: A Memoir. Hope you enjoy all of them. Happy Reading!


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