Saturday, February 11, 2012

Opening Sentence of the Day: A Simple Machine Like the Lever

This morning, when I put on my pants, I went ahead and just rolled them up right away.
-- A Simple Machine, Like the Lever by Evan P. Schneider, published by the super nifty Propeller Books.

This is a novel for the times -- a man and his bike face the travails of under-employment and social discomfort.  

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  1. I live with a couple of bike-aholics. Great first line.

  2. Sounds like he has his day planed. My son is a bike rider and would start the day like that when he lost his job. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Hi Gilion,

    What an original and intriguing first line, although I am not sure that this is a book which I would particularly enjoy.

    Neither myself nor my husband have done any cycling since our youth, many years ago. However hubbie now writes trails, amongst them some cycling trails, so he is considering having to invest in a cycle, so that he can go out and test them. I am not sure that this is a great idea, especially as many of the trails are canalside and I can just imagine him ending up taking an early bath in the canal!!

    Enjoy your book and the rest of the weekend.


  4. Dana: This is definitely a bike-aholic's book!

    JC: Thank you for visiting RCR!

    Yvonne: I don't know if this book is my cup of tea either. The main character frustrates me.

    Good luck keeping your husband out of the canal!


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