Friday, January 13, 2012

State of the Blog: Part Two, the Authors

Four times a year, I do a review of the books I've read so far.  In January, that review covers all the books I read the last calendar year.

This is the second of my quarterly blog assessment posts.  This one takes a look at my author lists over in the right-hand column. The first part addressed my lists. Part Three will deal with the challenges I joined this year.

NOTE: If you are systematically reading the books of any of these authors, please leave a comment here or on the post for the author's list (click on the title below or in the right-hand column) and leave a link to any related post. I will add the links on the author's list post.

I recently split my author list into two parts: General favorites and Mystery favorites.  See here for discussion.

In 2011, I read 40 books by my favorite authors.  For the list of all 116 books I read in 2011, go here.


Kingsley Amis

Maeve Binchy

William Boyd

Elinor Lipman

Philip Roth

C. P. Snow

Anne Tyler

John Updike

P. G. Wodehouse


Kate Atkinson

Lee Child

Dick Francis

P. D. James

Donna Leon

John Lescroart

Helen MacInnes

Ian Rankin

Dorothy L. Sayers

Julia Spencer-Fleming


  1. David Lodge and Ian McEwan are among my favorite writers as well :)

  2. Ally: Other suggestions along those same lines? I'm always looking for new authors.

  3. Hmm, it's difficult to think of better British male writers than these two... oh, I also love Tim Parks and I think "Europa" is his best book so far :)

  4. Tim Parks is new to me. Unless he's the guy who wrote Italian Neighbors, about living in Tuscany. I'll go look him up. Thanks!

  5. I read William Boyd for the first time last year, and thought it was terrific -- Ordinary Thunderstorms.

    My favorite Binchy book by far is The Glass Lake. I could not put that one down!


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