Saturday, March 26, 2011

State of the Blog: Part Two, the Authors

Spring has sprung and it is time for me to see what kind of progress I've made on my lists.  There's no point in being a compulsive "list" reader if you don't play with the lists.

This is the second of my quarterly blog assessment posts.  This one takes a look at my author lists over in the right-hand column. The first part addressed my lists. Part Three will deal with the challenges I joined this year.

NOTE: If you are systematically reading the books of any of these authors, please leave a comment here or on the post for the author's list (click on the title below or in the right-hand column) and leave a link to any related post. I will add the links on the author's list post. 

Below is the list of books by my favorite authors that I have read so far in 2011.  Not many, but it's still early days.

Kate Atkinson
Started Early, Took My Dog (I am reading this now, but will finish it today)

Dick Francis
10 Lb. Penalty

P. D. James
A Mind to Murder

Elinor Lipman
Then She Found Me (I am about halfway through this one now)

Anne Tyler
Breathing Lessons (reviewed here; read for my 2011 Battle of the Prizes, American Version challenge)

John Updike
Beck: A Book (reviewed here)

P. G. Wodehouse
The Indiscretions of Archie


  1. I am also reading (Page 207!) of the Kate Atkinson book. I found it slow going at the beginning but now am finding it good. I hope to finish it tonight!

  2. Mystica: I finished it yesterday and loved it. Have you read the other three? They are all terrific.

  3. I have mentioned before somewhere on your blog that I'm systemically reading Updike -- I will do a post about that soon, and get back to you when I do, I promise!

    During spring break, I read "Seek Your Face" (and finished it soon after) and bought an used copy of "Marry Me"!


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