Saturday, January 22, 2011

Opening Sentence of the Day: G

"The father of the principal protagonist of this book was called Umberto."

-- G by John Berger.

This is one of only three books to win both the Booker Prize and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize.  I am reading it as my last book for the 2010 Battle of the Prizes, British Version, which ends on January 31.

I am only 67 pages into it and I like it so far.  I am worried that it is going to take a weird or bad turn that will leave me not liking it, because J.G. at Hotchpot Cafe doesn't care for it and we have similar taste in books.


  1. I'm eager to know what you think of this book because I didn't make it past the first page or two-just wasn't in the mood for sexual nonsense or vulgar language. Funny enough, I've read and loved nine others of Berger's books and can't get enough. He's one of the few whose books I always buy instead of borrowing from the library.
    I went to Hotchpot Cafe by the way to see what s/he thought of it but the search is closed to the public and I found no list of reviews anywhere. I await your opinion-so hoping my instincts were wrong.

  2. Uh-oh, guess I need to do some organizing on the blog, if the tag cloud isn't enough. Sorry, Sandra.

    Meanwhile, Rose, looking forward to hearing what you think. "G" is for "good luck!"

  3. Sandra: I must have blown right by anything offputting in the first few pages because I'm now a third of the way through and haven't encountered much sex or vulgarity. Of course, I've been reading a lot of Updike and Roth lately, so maybe I am just immune.

    BBD: So far, so good. J.G. and I may part company on this one.

    J.G.: Funny you should say that. My first name starts with G and many of my family and friends use "G" as my nickname, so I've always secretly thought of this as "my" book. Irrational, I realize.

  4. look forward to your review ,this is one I ve had on to get list for years ,all the best stu


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