Friday, July 16, 2010

Opening Sentence of the Day: Valley of the Dolls

"The temperature hit ninety degrees the day she arrived."

-- Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann.

I've always half wanted to read this book. Now I have an excuse because it was published the year I was born. I will read it and earn another candle in the Birth Year Reading Challenge hosted by the Hotchpot Cafe.


Book Beginnings on Fridays is a Friday fun "opening sentence" event hosted by Becky at Page Turners. Post the opening sentence of the book(s) you started this week and see what other books people have going.


  1. I loved that book! I think I even have it around somewhere...I'll have to search for it.

    Great opener.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Feels like my neck of the woods: Florida ;)

    If you like, drop by my Book Beginning Friday :)

  3. This sounds like an appropriate book to read during our steamy summer. Enjoy

  4. I love this book! It's a perfect summer read. I recently downloaded the theme song from the movie, too. Ah, Dionne Warwick!

  5. I'm sure this dates me badly -- but I remember reading this book when I was a teenager. I thought it was pretty new at the time. Oh, well! There must be some benefit to being old. I'll keep trying to find out what it is. Happy reading!

  6. Laurel-Rain -- I am definitely looking forward to this one!

    Juju -- I thought for some reason that the book was set in California (I don't know why) but the first chapter, at least, is set in New York City. Thanks for the link!

    Suzanne -- It does look like a great summer read! Although it hasn't been very hot here in Oregon . . .

    Carin -- Apparently, this is one of those books that everyone enjoys but I missed out on. Like Fear of Flying, that I finally read and absolutely loved.

    Kathy -- Ha! I was surprised to find that this book was published the year I was born. I recall hearing a lot about it when I was growing up. Either it has a lot of staying power, or the movie was made later and it was the movie I heard about.

  7. That's hot isn't it. :-)

    Thanks for visiting mine here.

  8. That's an awesome idea for a book reading challenge! I hope you manage to complete it :)

  9. I think I'd like to read this one. A customer had recommended it a while back, during a conversation about scandalous books. I mentioned Portnoy's Complaint, and she mentioned Valley of the Dolls.

  10. I would to read this book too, I hope you enjoy it now that you have finally got to read it. The start sounds good

  11. Great opening! I haven't read this one, too!

  12. I read Valley of the Dolls about three years ago. I really enjoyed it. Now I'm reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.


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