Saturday, July 17, 2010


First: the July issue of the Internet Review of Books is up now in time to impart some summer reading inspiration.  There are ten non-fiction reviews, including my review of Lunatic Express, a manageable three fiction reviews, two poetry reviews, and the always popular "Brief Reviews" section, along with a fun new "photos of libraries" feature.

Please visit the IRB. And, if interested, get involved! They are looking for volunteers and there are other ways to support the IRB.

Second: I am pleased to report that Laura at Musings has completed the Battle of the Prizes, American Version, Challenge! Here are links to her three challenge reviews, Tinkers, Let the Great World Spin, and Morte d'Urban.  Thanks for taking part Laura!

So far, three participants have completed this challenge. In addition to Laura at Musings, chaotic compendiums and 100 Books. 100 Journeys are also finished. Much to my shame as the host, I haven't even started!

The challenge goes until January 31, 2011, so there is still time to sign up.

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