Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: City Limits

"That's what I crave: meaningful places.  No one like a convert -- poor li'l L.A. boy, I'm a big fan, an aficionado, of this Portland thing because it offers me an alternative to the dilute life of the endless suburbs."

City Limits: Walking Portland's Boundary by David Oates (published by the Oregon State University Press).
Although this book is about Portland's "Urban Growth Boundary," it would be interesting for anyone who contemplates what makes a city "livable" and how they think about their own life in relation to their city.  I don't agree with everything Oates writes, but his book is thought-provoking.

Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by Should Be Reading, where you can find the official rules for this weekly event.


  1. Love the cover! Hope I see it in the stores. (Airport Powells being the most likely when Spring Break ends.)

  2. I hope that you enjoy your book. Here's My Teaser

  3. Sheila -- The cover is cool. I like it. I saw it at big Powell's, so it may be at PDX Powell's. Although it came out in 2006.

    Enjoy your Spring Break!

    Lori -- Thanks for visiting and for the link!


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