Monday, March 22, 2010

Mailbox Monday

I had such a hectic trial week last week that I comforted myself with an order from amazon that arrived in time for Mailbox Monday.

I saw Death in the Truffle Wood on Kittling Books and impulse purchased it on the spot, along with the sequel and a P. G. Wodehouse book to bring the order up to $25 so I could get free shipping.

Death in the Truffle Wood by Pierre Magnan.  Published in 1978, this is the first of two Commissaire Laviolette mysteries, both set in Provence. I get a kick out of vintage mysteries, so I am looking forward to reading both of these. The are also going on my French Connections list.

The Messengers of Death by Pierre Magnan (the second Commissaire Laviolette mystery).

Jeeves in the Offing by P. G. Wodehouse


  1. I like Vintage mysteries too. Boy, that Jeeves lady looks sooo funny. She looks like a snoot or a snooty lady(laugh).


  2. Tea -- I love the covers on this series of Wodehouse books. They are pretty outrageous. Thanks for the link.

    Lisa -- Thanks for visiting. And for leaving your link.

  3. All three books have interesting covers. I always order more to get the free shipping. Like I need an excuse to buy more books! Enjoy all your new books!

  4. Alayne -- I need some fun books right about now! Thanks for the link.

    Beth -- It is always fun to justify that extra book with the "free shipping" excuse. :) I'll come visit your link.

  5. Those all look good to me! Enjoy!

  6. Wow I've been blogging about books nearly three years now but this is the first time I've run into someone from Portland by discovering their blog.

    Those french mysteries sound intriguing, although if they're in french I'd have to brush up a bit first to really understand them.

    Oh and I'm passing on an award I received a week or two ago. My mailbox is up and the award details are here as soon as I finish the post..

  7. Bermuda -- Thanks!

    ForstRose -- I'm glad you found my blog! And thanks for the award. I'll come visit both of your posts.

    Luckily for me, the French books have been translated into English! I'm a definite monoglot.

  8. I read Death in the Truffle Wood last year and really enjoyed it. I have the other one in my TBR pile. I hope you like them too!

  9. Marie -- Glad to hear you liked the Truffle Wood book. I bought it because I saw it on someone's blog. I'm looking forward to it.

    Unlike the Wodehouse book -- it turns out that I listened to the audio of this one already, but it had a different title. Drat!

  10. I so love those Wodehouse editions! They give me extra motivation to him.


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