Monday, February 15, 2010

Mailbox Monday

Whew! Busy week! I have a long Mailbox Monday list.

First, I got Hubby a nice book for Valentine's Day (despite his zombie movie): Classic Houses of Portland, Oregon (1850-1950) by William J. Hawkins. He and I have become local architecture buffs, so I look forward to looking through this book with him.

Then, since I was at Powell's and it is impossible to leave with just one book, I got a copy of Books by Larry McMurtry, which I've been hankering after. Perfect for the Bibliophilic Books Challenge.

I got an audio edition of Anton Chekhov short stories for my LibraryThing Early Reviewer list.

Next came Fishes and Dishes: Seafood Recipes and Salty Stories from Alaska's Commercial Fisherwomen by Kiyo Marsh, Tomi Marsh, and Laura Cooper. Looks great!

My bed and breakfast in St. George, Utah had a community book shelf with up for grabs paperbacks. I got well used but readable copies of The Mosquito Coast by Paul Theroux (on the Anthony Burgess list) and The Deer Park by Norman Mailer.

Finally, I used my contest winnings from Reading Local at St. John's Booksellers, where I found several nice, used copies of books from my lists and one that just caught me fancy. I got:

After Many a Summer Dies the Swan by Aldous Huxley (also on the Burgess list and discussed in great depth in A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood, reviewed here)

Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne (which I am going to add to my French Connections list and is on some other list I can't remember right now)

Momento Mori by Muriel Spark (on the Erica Jong list)

Call it Sleep by Henry Roth (on the All-TIME Top 100 list)

Marianne Thornton by E. M. Forster (just because it looks interesting)

What did you get? Happy reading!


  1. You have some great books there, several I'd like to read. The house in that photo is fabulous. I like McMurtry's essays very much and so want to read Books. I saw the movie of Mosquito Coast but I'm sure the book is even better-I find the books usually are. After Many a Summer Dies the Swan appeals to me for the title alone. and I have a copy of Call it Sleep on my shelves that I never got to. What a great book week. I had a good one too.

  2. Sandra -- I'll come take a look at your mailbox list!

    The house on the cover is the Pittock Mansion. It is now a historical house museum place. You can go for tours. I haven't been in years, but seeing that picture makes me want to go again.

    You and I have such similar taste in books!

  3. I love Powell's. It's one of my favorite places on the planet.

  4. I enjoy Forster. I also love Powell's. What a bookish Valentine's you had! :D

  5. Caitlin -- Yes, I am lucky that Powell's is not only in my city, but within walking distance of my office. It's a great break in my day!

    Baley -- I love Forster's novels. I have never read any non-fiction by him. This is a biography of his aunt. I don't think she was famous, but he must have thought there was something remarkable about her.

  6. You got some terrific books this week. Enjoy them all. (mosquito Coast is one I plan to read in 2010,

  7. Diane -- Thanks for visiting. I'm interested in Mosquito Coast too. Ever since I got Anthony Burgess's book, 99 Novels, for Christmas, I am even more interested in reading the books on his list.

  8. Holy-Moly!!! What a lovely batch of books! Enjoy your new additions :)

    My mailbox haul is here.

  9. Jealous of your cookbook :). I've read Momento mori quite some years ago.

  10. Nice week of books! I went to buy 2 books for gifts last week and ended up buying 2 more for me! Funny the way that works.

  11. Tweezle -- Holy-Moly indeed! (I love that expression.) I'll come visit. Thanks for the link.

    Snowbell -- I am looking forward to the cookbook. I love the idea of "salty stories" to do with dinner!

    Bermuda -- Thank goodness! I thought you were sick. You are usually so early with your comments!!!

  12. Love your books!

  13. Fishes and Dishes looks great! :-) As a New Englander I'm a big seafood fan so I'd probably love it!

  14. I have a book of Anton Chekov's short stories at home I am looking forward to reading.

    You got some great books.

    I also wanted to let you know that you have won a competition at Page Turners:
    Here is the link

    Could you send me an email so that we can talk about the prize?


  15. Becky -- How exciting! And thank you for signing up to follow Rose City Reader!

    I will email you.

  16. Sorry to be off topic but do you not follow the Impac Dublin Awards? I couldn't find them in your links. These are nominated only by librarians and I find more excellent reads on their longlist, which is quite long, than most other awards. It also has the largest monetary prize of the literary book awards. I've kept a record of those I've read but not posted them. I'm going to post them this week-maybe just the 2010 nominees so the post won't be daunting in length. Here's the official site link if it interests you:

  17. The cover shot of Pittock Mansion in Portland brought back many memories to this former Oregonian.


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