Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog Question

I need some blog help!

When I switched to my own blog address, everything transferred except my blog roll. I had been meaning to update it and change it anyway, so I haven't rebuilt it at is was.

I want to replace it with a rolling blog roll -- the kind that takes up very little room, but continuously rolls through all the blogs on my list.

I've seen these on other blogs, but now that I want to add one, I can't find any examples.

Does anyone know how to add this widget?

I particularly want "rolling" not "scrolling." I have found the instructions for adding a "scrolling" blog roll -- which is kind of like what I want but requires the viewer to use a mouse to pull down the gray box on the right side to move through the list (I can't describe it well). I want the kind that is always moving on its own.

1 comment :

  1. Can't help sorry. the only blog roll i know how to add is static, it has no movement, it just lists all the blogs you follow and you can either choose to have them displayed alphabetically or in order of who posted most recently.

    Good luck though!


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