Monday, August 31, 2009

Mailbox Monday

. I was expecting to get Plainsong by Kent Haruf in the mail last week, which would have been the highlight of my Mailbox Monday post. But it did not get here yet. It is my book club's September choice, so I have to get cracking on it. A few other books came into my house last week: The Country Girls Trilogy by Edna O'Brien (on Erica Jong's list of Top 100 novels by women), Regeneration by Pat Barker (the first book in her "Regeneration Trilogy" that ends with the Booker-winning The Ghost Road), The Murder Room by P. D. James (#12 in her Adam Dalgliesh series that I haven't even started yet, but that recently caught my attention), and Trust Me by John Updike (a collection of short stories), The Falconer by John Cheever (on the All-TIME 100 best list). .


  1. I haven't read any P D James in a while, but I used to love her work!

  2. I have both The Country Girls Trilogy and Regeneration sitting here on my tbr shelves. They have been there unread far longer than I should admit!

  3. Great mailbox list this week- I hope that you get the book that you've been waiting for soon!

  4. Bermuda -- I had James confused with another author who writes scary books (I don't even know who I had in mind) so i never read hers. I finally realized that I was wrong. So now I have a couple of her earlier books on my iPod in audio form and picked up a couple of book books at the friends of the library books store. I am lookign forward to them!

    K -- It can take me years to get around to reading books from my TBR shelf. They really have to grab my attention at the moment. In the meantime, I like knowing they are there waiting for me.

    J -- I'm wondering where Plainsong went. It was supposedly shipped 10 days ago. Nothing takes that long.

  5. Hi Rose City Reader,
    I'm hoping to get the opinions of bloggers on book trailers - the one linked here, as well as trailers in general. Are they effective? What makes a good one? A bad one?
    Please watch my mercifully brief book trailer, which I think conveys a sense and mood of The Ice Chorus, now out in paperback by Alma Books of London
    (sorry you might have to cut and paste)
    If it makes you want to review the book I may be able to get you a copy (my publicist says only sites like yours that get decent traffic, since copies are limited.) I've had many good reviews in the traditional venues like Pub Weekly, Library Journal the major papers, etc. but few by bloggers, which I'm actually more interested in.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Sarah Stonich
    More about my previous novels and samples of new work can be found at
    PS Do you know the Portland writer Peter Fogtdal? I see you follow him. He's a friend - a lovely nut.

  6. Sarah -- That's the first
    book trailer" I've ever seen. New to me. Pretty cool. I'll post it.

  7. great mailbox. Happy reading

  8. I finished "Plainsong" a few weeks ago. Couldn't put it down. You can borrow my copy if yours doesn't come.


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