Sunday, April 26, 2009

Powell's Indiespensable Program

Thanks go to Reading Local for introducing me to Powell's "Indiespensable" program. Every six weeks, participants receive a package from Powell's containing a signed first edition of what Powell's considers to be a "best new book" -- usually from an independent publisher. Also included are "exciting surprises: bonus DVDs or CDs, prepublication copies of books we're looking forward to, mugs, posters, chocolate . . ." How wonderful! All for $39.95, which includes shipping in the US. I signed up for the next three shipments, but I hope to continue. I have been hoping Powell's would start some kind of program like this ever since I moved back to Portland from San Francisco two years ago and gave up my membership in Book Passage's First Editions Club. I'm already behind, since it looks like Powell's started this more than a year ago -- I wasn't paying enough attention. Thank goodness Reading Local is here to fill me in!


  1. Glad that I could help to aid your book addiction! :)

    In all seriousness, I think Powell's has done a fabulous thing with this program. They have leveraged the connections they have, combined it with their indie creativity, and turned out a subscription club that any bibliophile would love to be a part of!

  2. Is that membership price annual or every six weeks? Sounds like a great deal if it's annual. I'll sign up if that's the case.

  3. Oh, C.S., I wish it were an annual program! No, it's 40 clams each shipment. So you are definitely paying full price for a new hardback -- something I really never do -- plus paying for the "exciting extras" each time.

    It's not a bargain, at least initially. But you never know -- one of the signed first editions could be written by the next Hemingway! Or, probably better for the bottom line, the next Dan Brown. :)

    Book Passage uses just that kind of logic for its First Editions Club. They brag on how they picked John Grisham's first book for the club. The members who got that one are not sitting on a little first edition fortune.


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