Friday, April 24, 2009

Opening Sentence of the Day: Red Square

"In Moscow, the summer night looks like fire and smoke." -- Red Square by Martin Cruz Smith This is the "red" book on my Colorful Reading Challenge list. Before May 1, when I dive into the three books I'm reading for my own Battle of the Prizes challenge, I want to make a little headway on my Colorful list. Also, I am looking forward to an entertaining mystery after finishing the excellent but dense Basil's Dream. Hey . . . if Rebecca at Lost in Books counted wall paint colors, that one would count as a Colorful book too!


  1. Thank you for directing me to the Wodehouse article. I read it last night. I was surprised to learn that for a short time in America he published under his full name instead of P.G. And the meaning of unfortunate:)

  2. And I learned that the P in Psmith is silent. Doh!


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