Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blog Interview: Bookphilia

In addition to skillful, substantive reviews of mostly "classic" books, updates on her French Literature Project, and ruminations on running her own book store, Colleen at Bookphilia hosts a sporadic feature called "The Reading Lamp" profiling fellow book lovers and bloggers. In Q &A format, these "interviews" are entertaining and completely suck me in every time one pops up. I am excited to be the subject of Colleen's current Reading Lamp interview. She posted it today. What fun to be a part of such a creative endeavor! Please visit Bookphilia and browse through earlier Reading Lamp interviews and Colleen's wonderful posts. She welcomes requests to participate -- just leave her a comment. Thanks Colleen!


  1. Congrats on a thoughtful, fun, interesting interview. I never thought about book superstitions before, but now realize I have a few.

    Oh, and please provide photos of your library so I can drool. :-)

  2. I didn't realize how compulisive some of my book habits were!

    Library pictures are a great idea! I'd love to see other people's libraries! You two have good collections -- I'd love to see pictures. You had a picture of the books you planned to read this year that I stared at forever, reading every title.

  3. I really enjoyed that post. It's nice to know about the reading habits of fellow book bloggers. And I found a new book blog I really like too. I recently reviewed The Echo Maker if it interests you to read it:

    I'm considering joining your challenge but I need to update all my reading challenges first and see what I'm about. It's a great idea though. I'm one for reading prize winners and nominees whenever I can.


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