January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022
(new deadline!)




Please join us for the tenth anniversary edition of our Grand Tour of Europe through books! 2022 is the 10th year of the European Reading Challenge, which has been going steadily since 2012. Choose your own level of commitment to complete the challenge. There is a Jet Setter Prize for the person who visits the most countries between the covers.

Thank you to those loyal readers who have joined in since the beginning! A warm welcome to those joining us for the first time or those coming back after some time off.

THE GIST: The idea is to read books set in European countries or books by European authors. The books can be of any genre – fiction, nonfiction, novels, short stories, memoirs, travel guides, cookbooks, biography, poetry, whatever. You can participate at different levels, but each book must represent a different country -- either written by an author from a different country or set in a different country, no two books from the same country. It's supposed to be a tour! 

WHAT COUNTS AS "EUROPE"?: For this challenge, we use the standard list of 50 sovereign states that fall (at least partially) within the geographic territory of the continent of Europe and/or enjoy membership in international European organizations such as the Council of Europe. This list includes the obvious (the UK, France, Germany, and Italy), Scandinavian countries, the really huge Russia, the tiny Vatican City, and the mixed bag of Balkan, Baltic, and former Soviet states. Please see note below about the UK in particular. 

These 50 European sovereign states are:
Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Vatican City.
NOTE: Even with Brexit, the United Kingdom is still one country, part of Europe, that includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. One book from any one of these four counts as your one book for the United Kingdom. Challenges should be about fun not about rules, so I'm not going to be the Challenge Police about this. However, when it comes to winning the Jet Setter prize, only one book from one of the UK countries counts.


Participants can read as many books as they want and are encouraged to visit as many European countries as possible. The Jet Setter Prize will go to the person who reads (and reviews) books from the greatest number of different countries (see below).

Not everyone wants to compete for a prize, review books, or read a lot of books. You can "complete" the challenge by reading one to five books from different countries. If you want to do more, read more books and compete for the prize.

To participate in the challenge, sign up at the levels below. If you want to go on to compete for the Prize, keep reading!

  • FIVE STAR (DELUXE ENTOURAGE): Read at least five books by different European authors or books set in different European countries.
  • FOUR STAR (HONEYMOONER): Read four qualifying books.
  • THREE STAR (BUSINESS TRAVELER): Read three qualifying books.
  • TWO STAR (ADVENTURER): Read two qualifying books.
  • ONE STAR (PENSIONE WEEKENDER): Read just one qualifying book.


The participant who reads and reviews the greatest number of qualifying books (more than five) will get a $25 gift card to Bookshop.org. Participants living outside the US will get a $25-equivalent gift card to the Bookshop.org (UK) or the Amazon store in your country, if possible. If you live in a country where none of these options will work, we will try to find something that does or sorry, you are out of luck.

Each book must be by a different author and set in a different country. This means that only one book from one of the four UK countries will count. Only books reviewed count towards the prize.


INSTAGRAM: Starting in 2021, the European Reading Challenge was on Instagram and we will do that again in 2022. So if you bookstagram, feel free to participate in the challenge on IG. Use the hashtag #europeanreadingchallenge so we can find each other. #ERC2022 may also work, although there is crossover with other groups using it (including a really popular car race) that makes that one confusing.

To participate on Instagram, please post some kind of sign up post on IG, then post your book reviews and a wrap up post on IG. As you post, come back here to Rose City Reader and link your Instagram posts in the Linky boxes the same way people link to a blog post. Please be sure to copy and past the link to the relevant IG post, not your main IG feed! It's super easy to do on a computer, a little trickier on your phone (look for the three dot above the picture, to the right of your name).

If you join in on Insta, please find me @giliondumas. Let's follow each other, share some bookish love, and do the 2022 European Reading Challenge "across platforms" as they say.

GOODREADS: 2021 was the first year we did the European Reading Challenge on goodreads. I think it worked, but I didn't keep track as well as I planned. If you like posting your book reviews on goodreads, go ahead! 

Link to your Goodreads profile or a specific comment (goodreads confuses me) for your sign up post and then link to your reviews on the review page. Again, please post the links to each review, not your goodread profile. If you have problems, email me.

OTHER WAYS TO PARTICIPATE: Likewise, if you do your bookish activities on other social media, participate in this challenge wherever you like to post. If you can figure out how to post a link to your sign up post and reviews, go ahead!

For example, on Facebook, you can click the "embed post" option (found under those three dots above each post, to the right of your name) and find the URL link for your post. Use it, not the link for your Facebook account. The post has to be public (grey globe). Other social media probably has similar ways to get the links to your posts.

If you simply want to play along right here, leave comments on the right pages with your sign up plan, book reviews, and wrap up.


  • Sign up here under the "PARTICIPANTS" heading below. Please add a link to your challenge post, not your blog home page. I don't like to be rude about this, but we can't find your post if you link to your home page. If you link to your home page and I can't find your sign up post to fix it, I may go ahead and delete your link. 
  • NEW: Read all books between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. The December 31 reading deadline is new. We used to go until January 31 of the following year, but it is too confusing. So starting with this second decade of the challenge, I'm going to simplify the reading deadline. You have to finish reading all your books by December 31. But you have until January 31, 2023 to finish writing all your reviews and your wrap up post. The winner of the Jet Setter Prize will be announced in February 2023. 
  • You do not have to commit to your book choices now; you can change your mind about books at any time.
  • Overlap with other challenges is allowed – and encouraged! If you know of other challenges that overlap with the European Reading Challenge, drop a note in the comments, preferably with a link. Thanks! 
  • Re-reads count. Audiobooks count. E-books count. Self-published books count. 
  • As you progress, please link to your reviews on the review list page. You do not have to review the books you read, unless you are competing for the Jet Setter Prize. If you are going for the prize, only books reviewed count toward winning. Link to your review post or post your review in a comment on the review page. When you finish, please link to your wrap-up post on the wrap-up page or list your books and countries in a comment on the wrap-up page.
  • Please copy and paste the challenge button. Please encourage other people to join! This is a great crossover challenge with other "read the globe" type challenges.


Please use a link to your challenge post, not your blog home page.
If you sign up through social media, please use a link to your sign up post not your profile, unless it is not possible to do a sign up post with a link.

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  1. I'm so sorry. The first link I put in was for my 2021 challenge. The second one is the correct one for my 2022 challenge. Can you please delete the first one?

    Congrats on your ten year anniversary! Although I didn't complete the challenge last year, I've been wanting to sign up and try again in 2022. I'm looking forward to it.

    1. Hi Yvonne -- I'll delete your 2021 link as soon as I fix the glitch in my linky box that lets me edit. I've lost the ability to edit links for some reason. I have a ticket open with Mister Linky and hope to sort this out soon.

  2. I'd love to participate! I hope I can get signed up (last year technical problems prevented this)

    1. Sorry to hear you had a problem last year! If you have problems again, let me know and maybe I can help you sort it. You can also "sign up" by leaving a link to your post in a comment here. We will find you!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Looking forward to participating!

  5. Hello. Congratulations on reaching your 10th anniversary. Mind if I hitch a ride? Signing up here: https://lizzysiddal.wordpress.com/reading-project-index/reading-projects-2022/ Struggling with the linky, in particular setting up a gravatar.

    1. Hi Lizzy -- Thanks for joining! I added your link in the list above!

  6. Dear RCR: I'm very happy that I managed this year to get signed up (Mr. Linky defeated me). To be on the safe side, here's also a link to my signup post, which includes my list of potential reads. https://youmightaswellread.com/2022/01/06/european-reading-challenge-2022/
    The Reading Nordic Literature Month, sponsored by Annabookbel, overlaps very nicely with the European Reading Challenge (I'm participating in both), so I'm including a link to that as well.https://annabookbel.net/nordic-finds-is-here-are-you-ready

  7. I now try again. I entered in 2020 and 2021, but never read more than one book! Third time lucky, I hope.
    Gratz on the 10th Blogoversary.

  8. Hello. Hope 2022 has begun well.

    Joining in once again but simply can't link the sign-up post. Here it is:

  9. Oh it seems it was done (No. 30:)


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