Thursday, October 6, 2022

The Sturgeon's Heart: A Novel by Amy E. Casey -- BOOK BEGINNINGS


Welcome back to Book Beginnings on Fridays, where participants share the opening sentence (or so) of the book they are reading this week. You can also share from a book you want to highlight just because it caught your fancy.

Howard Wright was always cold, even during the fleeting Duluth summers. Part of it was the chill of the night wind that came in through his upstairs apartment window, bearing with the news of the lake's ever-shifting mood.
-- from The Sturgeon's Heart: A Novel by Amy E. Casey.

Described as a "contemporary monster story," Amy E. Casey's debut novel came out earlier this year from Gibson House Press

I admit that the premise is a little offputting to me because I don't like magical realism, fantasy, or the like. But a lot of people do. The story is about three people drawn together as their lives are falling apart. One of them is becoming transparent. Literally. His skin is becoming see-through. 

Read the publisher's description below. What do you think? Maybe it would make a perfect book for Halloween time. Would you read it?


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From The Sturgeon's Heart:
In case she ever needed to leave quickly, she could load the station wagon until it was full, and the cabin would look like nothing more than an abandoned vacation home fallen into disrepair. She had planned it out twenty-eight different times.

Three people in the same northern city of Duluth, Minnesota, are vanishing in different ways.

Howard Wright finds his skin turning transparent, revealing the bloody workings of musculature beneath. His body becomes otherworldly and insistent, spinning him into visions that echo trauma from his childhood.

Sarah Turnsfield is living under an assumed identity, on the run from her past as a meteoric scientific prodigy. Content to work as a grocery clerk, she is determined to live a life on her own terms, where the landscape of her mind is hers alone.

Jo Breckmier seeks a new start in Duluth after a bitter divorce. She moves into the apartment unit across from Howard’s, leaning on alcohol and a stubborn will to reinvent herself. The woods and the lake seem to call to her as she laments her shipwrecked life.

When instinct, the swiftly warming spring, and Howard’s monstrous body conspire to bring the three together, each will discover how long they can hide―Jo from her loneliness, Sarah from her rising paranoia, and Howard from his intensifying transformation.

On one remarkable night along the rugged shore of Lake Superior, the lines between reality and legend intersect. Identities are broken and remade.

In this contemporary monster story, the earth itself amplifies both the grotesque and the beautiful.



  1. Sounds like it could be a good book.

  2. Sounds creepy. Perfect for Halloween, but not sure if I'd pick it up or not.

  3. I'm not sure I'd like this one, but it sounds ideal for Halloween.

  4. I do like magical realism. The idea of someone's skin becoming transparent, however, may be too much for me! Or maybe not. I might have to check it out and see!

  5. I hope you love this one! Happy weekend!


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