Thursday, October 21, 2021

Flavours of Greece by Rosemary Barron -- BOOK BEGINNINGS


It's raining and raining all week here in Portland! This sunny cookbook of Greek recipes is exactly what I need to lift the grey clouds.

What is your week looking like?

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It is impossible for me to think of Greece without thinking of the colours, sites, aromas, and, above all, the flavours of Greek cooking.

-- from the Foreword to Flavours of Greece by Rosemary Barron (2021, Grub Street).

Those who know Greece, even if only from a brief acquaintance, are aware that there is a vigorous culinary tradition in the country, with a distinct identity and character.

-- from the Introduction.

For modern Greeks olives and bread are the basic necessities of life, as they have been for centuries. The olive groves of modern Greece -- still, mysterious, and peaceful places -- date back to around 450 BC when olive oil was first recognized as a valuable export commodity and the land was given over to olive cultivation.

-- from part one, The Greek Kitchen, chapter one, Ingredients.

Rosemary Barron started a cooking school in Greece in the 1980s and has been championing Greek food ever since. This redo of her best selling cookbook, The Flavours of Greece, is a must-have for any lover of Greek food who wants to cook at home. 

The book is as lush and gorgeous as the dishes it promises. Barron starts with an inventory of a Greek pantry, including instructions on how to make such staples as yogurt and preserved lemons. She then moves through recipes from mezzes (appetizers) to desserts and miscellany. The recipes are as simple as a mezze of aromatic figs made by layering dried figs with bay leaves and cracked black pepper tightly in a jar for several days (intriguing!) to the more complicated, like Duckling Thessalia-Style, which involves roasting a duckling with lemons and pine nuts and things. None of the recipes are difficult and all look delicious! 

With over 250 national and regional recipes, dozens of color photos, fresh green and orange accent colors, and easy-to-follow instructions, Flavours of Greece will be your go-to Greek cookbook. 


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From The Flavours of Greece:
These little pastries, filled with a creamy nutmeg-spiced spinach mixture, are perfect picnic food. You can make them with either pastry dough or with filo and they freeze beautifully (freeze before cooking). 
The recipe for spanakopita seems like a classic Greek recipe, and one a home cook can handle.  


  1. What a delicious sounding book!

  2. I haven't heard of Flavours of Greece before. It seems like a good cookbook.

  3. I can't make myself read cookbooks other than the actual recipes. Enjoy.

  4. This sounds like a wonderful book!

  5. Greek food is honestly delicious, I also can't live without bread and olives! And there really is something about olive groves that feels ... mysterious and old! Thanks for sharing and hosting, I hope you have a lovely weekend :)
    Juli @ A Universe in Words

  6. We've had a lot of rain too this week, alternating with some lovely sunny, but cold autumn days. It's good to remember hot sunny days in Greece, eating olives, figs and glorious Greek yoghurt.

  7. Oooh, I love how sunny and cheerful these recipes look! Perfect for rainy days. Hope you get to make lots of yummy food from this.

  8. I used to live in Greece and one of the few things we miss is the food! Enjoy the cookbook :)

  9. Sounds like a delicious book - I love Greek food!


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