Saturday, January 16, 2021

2021 CHALLENGE - Back to the Classics



The Back to the Classics Challenge hosted by Karen at Books and Chocolate is one of my favorites. I didn't get my act together in 2020 to sign up in time, so only participated in my mind. 2020 was that kind of year. But I am a little more on my game so far in 2021, so here is my sign up post. We will see how I do reading the books!

The idea for the Back to the Classics challenge is to read "classic" books meaning those published more than 50 years ago that are considered classics. There is no hard and fast definition and you pick your own books. Participants read up to 12 books in 12 separate categories. Readers who read 6 books get one entry for a prize at the end; two entries for nine books; and three entries for 12. Read all the details and rules on the main challenge page. You have to sign up by the end of March.

  • 19th Century Classic
  • 20th Century Classic
  • Classic by a Woman
  • Classic in Translation
  • Classic by a BIPOC Author
  • Classic by a New-to-You Author
  • Classic by a Favorite Author
  • Classic About an Animal
  • Children's Classic
  • Classic Humor or Satire
  • Travel or Adventure Classic
  • Classic Play

I hope to read at least six books for the Back to the Classics challenge. My plan is to read books off my Classics Club list so I can make progress on finishing that list by my deadline goal of December 2023.

I'm not sure which books I'll pick, but possibilities include:


  1. I'll be especially curious if you do read the M.F.K. Fisher. I've never read any of hers and I'm interested to.

    1. I did read the MFK Fisher already, as a matter of fact. I was in the middle of it when I made this post. My book club read it for our January book. It is her only novel, so not representative of her work. In fact, it is pretty off beat! She is one of my favorite authors. If you are new to her, I suggest you start with one of her more famous books, like The Gastronomical Me or How to Cook a Wolf.

  2. Hi Gillion :)
    The classics scare me as they take me too long to read. But I am keeping a list of the ones I will read when I retire.

    1. I know what you mean about CLASSICS. I like to read the really big, traditional classic books with my ears. I find the audiobooks of Charles Dickens and Alexander Dumas, etc. easier to get through as audiobooks. Someone else has gone through and sorted out all those long sentences and block-sized paragraphs for me!


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