Monday, September 14, 2020

New Fall Books from Indie Authors & Publishers on Mailbox Monday


Fall is the season for new books, pandemic or no pandemic. Book launches may be on Zoom and getting a signed copy might be tricky. But new books are coming!

A batch of new indie books came my way over the last few days.

What looks good?

Pale Morning Light with Violet Swan by Deborah Reed, will launch October 6 from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Violet Swan is a famous abstract artist living on the Oregon coast. When, at age 93, an earthquake hits her oceanside community, it also shakes up family secrets and her hidden past. Sounds like Reed has a winner on her hands! 

Storm Beat: A Journalist Reports from the Oregon Coast by Lori Tobias, a new memoir out today from OSU Press. Tobias has worked as a newspaper reporter on the Oregon Coast for the last 20 years. Her memoir talks about journalism in the 21st Century as well as living on a rural coast and caring for distant older parents.

Never Leaving Laramie: Travels in a Restless World by John W. Heines, a new travel memoir, also out now from OSU Press. 

Mordecai’s Ashes: Larsson Investigations Book 1 by Arlana Crane, a new mystery set on Vancouver Island, BC. Karl Larsson lost his job in the oil fields and lost his wife, but he just inherited a detective agency. Looks like Nordic Noir, Canadian version! 

A Small Crowd of Strangers by Joanna Rose, new this month from the award winning Forest Avenue Press. This quirky new novel is also set on Vancouver Island. I think I have a new Storyline Serendipity post in the making. 

River Queens: Saucy Boat, Stout Mates, Spotted Dog, America by Alexander Watson. This one came out in 2018 but I just got my copy. It’s a fun memoir about two guys who refurbish a wooden yacht and take it from Oklahoma to Cincinnati.

If the light in this picture looks weird it’s because the light in Oregon is weird right now. The forest fires up and down the state, so close to Portland, have given us the worse air quality in the world, we are told. It’s comforting to carry on with normal activities, like enjoying these new books and congratulating the authors and indie publishers on launching in this crazy year.

The pretty fall flowers hair flowers are “handcrafted petal by petal” by Camellias and Curls, entrepreneurs in Round Rock, Texas. I saw the flowers on a friend’s Instagram story and wanted some for my own. I'll look so glamorous in my next Zoom meeting!


Join other book lovers on Mailbox Monday to share the books that came into your house last week. Visit the Mailbox Monday website to find links to all the participants' posts and read more about Books that Caught our Eye.

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  1. I know, I love fall and spring book publishing seasons. So many good books! Thank goodness this doesn't change even with a pandemic. :-) All your books look good.

    1. It is exciting to see all the new books -- from big and little publishers!

  2. Great books this week. Mordecai's Ashes and A Small Crowd of Strangers caught my eye.

    What pretty flowers. I'm definitely not that creative, so I admire people who are.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today. Hope you have a nice week.

  3. The books are starting to come through here in Australia also. A lot of the publishers held them off for a few months and it's so good to see all the new publications coming out. Mordecai's Ashes sounds like a good read.

    1. It is nice to see as much business as normal as possible during all this craziness!

  4. mordecai's ashes jumped out at me. hope you enjoy them all

    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Me too! I love the idea of the series and the Vancouver Island setting.

  5. Great book haul. The journalist memoir has my interest as journalism was my undergrad degree and it sure has changed over the past 20 (and for me 40) years.
    You've been on my mind and I hope you are staying safe from violence and smoke.
    Enjoy your variety of reading!

  6. Love the display of your books.

    I hope they all are great reads.


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