Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Teaser Tuesday: The Infidel Next Door by Rajat Mitra

Finally, he said, "Aditya, I have some bad news. A mosque was built next to the Adi Shanker temple two months ago."

The Infidel Next Door by Rajat Mitra. This debut novel by Indian author Rajat Mitra is set in 1989, during the last exodus of Hindus from Kashmir.

Rajat Mitra is a psychologist in India who works with victims of religious violence.  His own work and historical research bring authenticity to this inspiring story about religious identity, personal conscious, and forgiveness.

Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by The Purple Booker, where you can find the official rules for this weekly event.


  1. Probably not something I'd read but it sounds interesting. Great title for the story line. I can imagine there will lots of emotional moments.

    My TT from Masked Hearts

  2. Interesting title and premise.

  3. I've seen this on several blogs now. Intriguing title as well.


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