Monday, November 14, 2016

Mailbox Monday: True Faith and Allegience

Alberto Gonzales spoke at a book signing event in Portland last week and I got a copy of his new book:


True Faith and Allegiance: A Story of Service and Sacrifice in War and Peace. Although he was a controversial figure as George W. Bush's Attorney General, his story of growing up in poverty in Texas, going to Harvard Law, and working his way to a seat on the Texas Supreme Court before joining the Bush administration is inspiring. I look forward to reading his story in his own words.

He was a thoughtful and articulate speaker and it was interesting to get his big picture view of our recent election.

What books came into your house last week?

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  1. Adding this title to my wish list. Sounds like a very good memoir.

  2. ENJOY!!

    I am not a memoir fan, but I hope it is a good read for you.

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